About Mobiusmbl

 Our Principal

Our principal is a tertiary qualified IT professional with over 25 years industry experience.

Since qualifying, he has worked exclusively in the IT industry, in the applications development area, progressing from programmer, through Systems Analyst, to Project Manager. He is very familiar with a great variety of IT landscapes, from mainframe to client server.

His whole career has been spent in the analysis and documentation of user requirements at varying levels of complexity, and varying depths of business impact (ie ranging from single departments to the overall enterprise), and has led the development of custom built applications and packaged solutions, for over twenty years. In this, the roles have been varied, from hands on design of individual modules, to the project management of the whole development or implementation.

For the last 10 years, he has been working in the client server arena, as a Senior Manager with one of the worlds most successful IT Consultancies. His role was one of advising clients on, and implementing major ERP systems such as SAP R/3, and also contributing to the Business Process requirements for many of his clients.

This focus on IT strategic management and direction involved working with a number of significant Australian and overseas clients.

His success has depended on establishing a close relationship not only with developers, but also with other cross-functional business personnel.

Our Business Philosophy

MobiusMBL applies the Hedgehog Concept to our business.  In this we strive to be the best in our area, displaying the passion for what we do.

Read more on the well known Hedgehog Concept in another article on our site.

Our Industry Experience

Mobius MBL was formed to utilise this deep IT experience to provide a value solution to smaller clients in the area of IT consulting and Web Design.

We have experience in a variety of industries, including, but not limited to:

  • retail and sales,
  • mining,
  • manufacturing,
  • construction,
  • government
  • corporate finance,

and with a variety of applications, generally in the commercial business environment (finance, accounts, logistics, sales etc). 

The primary focus of Mobius MBL is on client satisfaction, in terms of both the technical solution provided and also in terms of delivering value-for-money.

Put simply, our philosophy is, if the client is not satisfied, then we aren’t either. We are so focused on this that we provide a 100% guarantee. If, as a client, you aren’t satisfied with our delivered solution, then the cost to you will be zero, nil, nada, nothing.

We are so confident with this that we will put it in writing.

Lower Rates Equals Poorer Service?

We can pretty much guarantee that our rates will be among the lowest you will find anywhere, given our level of experience.

Does this mean that the rates are a reflection of the quality of service?  There may be a perception that lower rates means less experience or capability.

Not at all. Our lower rates reflect our lower overheads. We don't have masses of staff in various support departments. We don't have huge administration expenses like travel and accommodation etc. We dont have capital city offices, and the expenses which they incur.

More importantly, we dont charge a rate just because we can. We charge our clients what we think we ourselves would like ot be charged for an equivalent service.

We DO have the  technical skill, the management skill, the industry background and the experience to deliver on our promise of client satisfaction.

Why Are We In This Web Design & IT Consultancy Business?

Unlike many others, we are not in this business simply to make money. The corporate consulting world was exciting and financially rewarding, but it also had its drawbacks, like having to work away from home for long periods while on projects.

Oh yes, we still do need to make a living, but what we want to do is to make a reasonable living, not a fortune. We want to continue to be mentally stimulated and to deliver value to our clients.

Thus our rates are probably better than found elsewhere, our experience deep and broad, our professionalism exemplary, and our commitment to clients unrivalled.

Give it a shot.....   you're not going to lose anything, and you might just gain a partner to help you with many of your current and future IT issues.

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