Money Back Guarantee

MobiusMBL Our Guarantee

Your Money Back In 30 Days

If within 30 days of your new website going live, you decide the new website does not meet your requirements, simply contact us via our website "Contact Us form, to request an immediate refund.
If it is within this 30 day period, the refund will be granted without question.

On refund, Mobius MBL will retain ownership of all web design code, templates, images and extensions. You may not keep or re-use any part of the website created by Mobius MBL.

Refunds will not be applied to accounts that are outstanding.

Refunds do not apply to third party payments. These are defined as:

  • SSL Certificates
  • Commercial extensions purchased by Mobius MBL on your behalf, for specific use on your website
  • Static IP addresses
  • Any hosting charges incurred by Mobius MBL on your behalf
  • Domain names (while the refund does not include the purchase cost of registration, your domain name will be transferred to your ownership).
    • You can then continue to use it exclusively - it will always remain your property.

Guaranteed Email Response Time

We believe that every email deserves a timely response. We guarantee that any email sent to us by one of our registered customers will normally be acknowledged within one working days, two at the most. And we are always available on phone.

Guaranteed Committment

MobiusMBL guarantees a total committment to ensuring the functioality and operation of your website, particularly those sites with an eCommerce function, where payments and sales are involved.

In these sites (eCommerce), if there is a perceived problem, we guarantee to drop everything to attend to your problem. This of course means that other client work will be delayed, and perhaps those clients disadvantaged to some extent. For this reason therefore, we ask that you do what you can to investigate the issue before contacting us.

That said though, we appreciate that this initial investigation is not always possible.

Guaranteed Communication

You’ll be assured by constant communication throughout the process. We will meet with you at least once per week, either online, or on-site,  to give you updates, answer your questions, and make any ongoing changes.

But of course, one person cannot communicate with themselves..........    you have to also communicate with us :-)  :-)  :-) 

Seriously though....   we simply cannot get off the starting blocks without your input... so it takes two!