MobiusMBL Website Maintenance Fees & Charges

 Purchase blocks of maintenance time (see the end of this article for a note on bugs vs maintenance):

In you are already familiar with our maintanance processes, you can book a block of time through this link, otherwise, please see the remainder of this article to find out more. There is also a short discussion on bugs vs maintenance at the bottom of this article.

MobiusMBL customers can purchase blocks of time for site maintenance, copywriting, marketing and other design services.

We have 2 basic pricing structures:

  1. A negotiated rate for specific maintenance / updates - this will of course be a fixed price for a particular function
  2. A general rate, discounted for specific blocks of ad-hoc time purchased - this is for the more common on-going maintenance functions, and our current rates are in the table below:
    1. please note that these rates are for administration work, consulting etc. Where external costs are incurred eg in purchase of software/hardware etc, these will be billed additionally at cost
    2. also, we are not pedantic about the exact timing.....  if you have 1-2 hours time left in your 'bank' and it actually takes us 2-3 hours to do the particular task, you will not be charged for the extra time
    3. however, if you have 1-2 hours left, and we estimate (before starting the work), that it will take 3 or more hours, we will probably ask you to purchase more time
Time (hrs) Discount Rate per hour Total Cost (GST Excl) Duration Validity
1 - $85 $85 1 Month
2 10.0% $76.50 $153 1 Month
5 20.0% $68.00 $340 3 Months
10 30.0% $59.50 $595 3 Months
15 30.0% $59.50 $893 6 Months
20 35.0% $55.25 $1,105 6 Months
25 40.0% $51.00 $1,275 6 Months
30 45.0% $46.75 $1,403 9 Months
35 45.0% $46.75 $1,636 9 Months
40 50.0% $42.50 $1,700  9 Months
 60  50.0%  $42.50  $2,550 12 Months
80 55.0% $38.25 $3,060 12 Months
100 55.0% $38.25 $3,825 12 Months


In the case of (2) above, there is an expiration period on the blocks of time purchased, as noted in the table.

This can be negotiable in some circumstances and we are not pedantic about this... it can go over time, but within reason ---- While the formal validity is as stated above, MobiusMBL will never disadvantage clients.

The reason for the validity duration is simply to enable better management of the time.

Any work performed under this scheme will be billed in blocks of 30 minutes, so if you have purchased 10 hours of maintenance, and a specific task takes 30 minutes, you will still have 9.5 hours left.

You may want to confirm up-front, how much time will be used for a particular maintenance task. In this case, 30 minutes may be immediately deducted for the time spent in analysing the requirement (depending on the note below):

  • Should you decide to proceed based on the quote, this 30 minutes will not be deducted from your overall time left.
    • so if 30 minutes was spent analysing the requirement, and 1 hour to actually make the changes, 1 hour only, will be deducted from your time left.
  • Should you decide not to proceed, the 30 minutes will be deducted from your overall time left.


All maintenance rates in the table above exclude GST. The GST will be added when the plan is putchased online via the link below:

Should you wish to purchase a block of maintenance time, please click on this link to select the option plan required.


Difference Between Bugs And Maintenance

Please note, that in any discussion of maintenance, genuine errors (or bugs), will, of course, NOT be considered by us as maintennce.


If you already have a maintenance plan, and a bug is discovered, the time and cost associated with its rectification will NOT be deducted from your maintenance plan.

If you do not  already have a maintenance plan, and a bug is discovered, there is no need to book a maintenance plan, as the time and cost associated with its rectification will NOT be charged to you.

We are adamant about providing value to our clients, and will not disadvantage them in any way.


That said though, the final decision on whether a particular issue is a bug or not, rests with MobiusMBL.

There are times when software does not operate to a clients satisfaction, and a bug is assumed, but in fact, the software was designed to operate in this way.

This is not a bug, but rather a weakness in functionality, or design (which perhaps should have been discovered in testing).


There are also times when a weakness in functionality is accepted, due to the strong functionality delivered elsewhere by the software.

The determination of whether a particular issue is a genuine bug, or simply a lack of functionality can be very tricky.