MobiusMBL Web Design Strategy

Have A Definite Strategy

Know What You Want Before Building The Site

You might own this website, but remember that it is not for you.....  it is for your customers & site visitors. You must have clear goals for the site. Know what your target audience is. What age are they? Where do they live? What other sites may they visit? why have they come to your site? Its not quite as simple as this of course, but this will all influence how your site is designed. Would your visitors like to see a clear, crisp, business-like site, or would they more like to see a really funky, colourful, cartoon type of site. Should it have a very light background, or should it be a dark, even black grungy background?

All of these styles and designs are perfectly acceptable, provided that is what the audience wants to see. Although you may not like a particular style, it really isn't about you, its all about your customers!  No matter what you may like, its what your customers like that matters, if you want this website to work from a business point of view.

In terms of goals...   do you want your website to sell something, like a product or a service?   or do you want it to simply supply information to visitors. There two goals will require dfferent designs and layouts, to make them work effectively in delivering what it is you want delivered.

Social media -----  now this is something you must consider. Although I detest social media personally, that doesnt matter! From a business point of view, there is no better avenue for getting your message out, than the use of social media like LinkedIn, Faceboow, Twitter etc.

Set up accounts for your business....  put them on your website... use them as much as you can! There are lots of marketing strategies, and the effective use of Social Media is one of the better ones.

thisk carefully about the key words associated with your sites various pages. NOTE that I said "your sites pages". Keywords do not apply to your website as such....   they apply to the information content of your various individual pages. The keywords for your "About Us" page will be very different from the keywords for your "Our Services" page. many people make this mistake (including unfortunately, web site developers!)

Make your website search engine ready. Making your website ‘search engine ready’ involves:

  • Finding out as much as you can about your industry ---  when you start this, you would be surprised how much you don't know!
  • Finding out as much as you can about your competition, appropriate keywords and phrases
  • Finding out as much as you can about your competition target market.
  • Setting up your social media profiles, and getting links to these on your website


and of course, this is all just scratching the surface...   there is a lot more to it than this.....   

Needless to say, MobiusMBL is here to greatly assist and provide advice on this and other matters associated with your web design, the strategy, and the general business process surrounding your website and eCommerce goals, so you are never on your own.

If you are interested in reading more about Web Design using a CMS tool, you can click here, or just Google it.