Open Source Products

How do we keep our costs down? We use professional & commercial templates to start the design, reducing the coding required, and therefore the time and cost to do it.

These templates are then tailored to our clients specific requirements. Click here for an in-depth discussion on the pros and cons of this template approach.

  • we don't rent big city offices,
  • we don't engage in suit & tie corporate meetings, travel business class, nor drive executive vehicles
  • we work from our own office with small overheads.
  • we depend on our reputation to bring in business, and can get most clients sites going very quickly.
  • our rates are extremely competitive because we don't need to charge agency prices. 
  • our turnover produces our revenue, which means that our rates can be kept lower.

We Focus On Small Business

Mobius MBL specifically focuses on the SME area. These are clients who, in the past, found that building a web site was a lengthy, complicated and expensive exercise. They also didn't have the budget to spend on generating a sophisticated web site.

We have changed that perception completely.

Our clients can now:

  • Have a professional and elegant web site that can put them on line in very little time
  • One that costs surprisingly little to develop and which looks fantastic
  • Have a fully featured web site, that more importantly, they can manage themselves with very little technical expertise
  • One which is fully optimised for SEO, and which can be found quickly on the internet,
  • One which can showcase their business, products and services,
  • And not spend a fortune on getting it going.

Does This Mean A Cheap And Nasty Job?

Do lower rates reflect a lover level of professionalism? NOT AT ALL.

We have been in the IT business for over 25 years, in a career progressing from programmer, to senior management level with one of the worlds largest and most professional IT Consultancies.

Our breadth of experience ranges across many industries and many computer applications and infrastructures.

We are at the point now, where the executive corporate scramble has become wearisome.

We have been through the executive career and have earned our living. What we want to do now, is to give a little back, continue to be mentally stimulated, not let our experience go to waste, and of course, earn a living, but not a fortune.

We Limit The Number Of Clients At Any Particular Time

This of course does not specifically assist us in keeping our rates down, but it does allow us to focus on the clients we are actively working with at any one time.

We will only concurrently work on a maximum of 4 clients overall, and only for 2 clients in a particular business sector. This ensures that the web site development for our clients gets our top priority and focus, and limiting the business sector aids in preventing a conflict of interest. This is not to say that we wont use ideas from a previous development in a subsequent one. Of course we will.

We will only accept those developments which we are confident of completing in a reasonable time, and for a reasonable budget. There may be times when we feel we can not contribute to our client's needs in the time, or manner most beneficial to them. It is in these circumstances that we may respectfully decline to accept the work.

We Speak Your Language

While we are an IT company, and are familiar with all the related jargon, (and indeed use it when necessary), we understand that you may not be so familiar. We therefore talk in plain English and don't perplex you with technical jargon and buzz words, (though we may at times be guilty of using the more common ones).

Your 100% Guarantee Of Satisfaction

Our stated goal is to make a living and be stimulated and productively occupied in doing that. We are not here to make a fortune, nor to gouge every last cent we can. Remember that we back our abilities with a 100% guarantee that we will deliver a valuable service to our clients, or they will pay nothing. So, in engaging us, that's precisely what you have to lose, nothing!

If this all seems a bit strange or philanthropic in this day and age, don't be put off.....  remember what you have to lose by engaging us  ---  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.