MobiusMBL Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Design

How much will this cost?

First off........   it's NOT about size! By using a CMS and templates, a 50 page website will not cost 50 times more than what a 1 page website costs, in fact, nowhere near that...   AND, with Mobius MBL, there will be a maximum cap on your costs.

This is a common question, and indeed, one which needs to be asked. If you were buying a house, or a car, or anything else, you would ask the same question. But simply asking "How much does a website cost?" is much the same as asking "How much does a house cost?"  

Before you ask the question, you will need to have some idea of what you want in the website (or house, or car).

There are so many variables to website design, and they all depend on what you want. Do you want database facilities, document management, eCommerce  (shopping cart) facilities, newsletters, payment facilities, animations etc, etc?

I may be drawing a long bow in saying this, but an average cost for an attractive, professional and fully functional website from Mobius MBL would be somewhere between $1,500 and $3,500, depending how how much (and what type of), functionality you want in it.

It can be as low as $500.00. Again, it all depends of the functionality, size and complexity, and what your business needs are.

Mobius MBL rates are as low as you will find, because we don't believe in gouging every cent out of clients. Our goal is to have a win-win situation, where the client is satisfied that they are getting value for money, and Mobius MBL receive a reasonable fee for the work.

We also benefit from the clients satisfaction in getting further recomendations and future work, so its a win-win thing.


How soon can I have the site up and running?

As always, that depends on the how much of your time you can make available to us in the initial design stage. Once the final layout and content is available,and we are ready to start, it should take less than a week to deliver a working site for your review. Then it will depend on the extent of change required. Usually a full website will take between 1 and 6 weeks to complete, with the majority being around the 3 to 4 week mark.

Of course, this very much depends on us having your input on a regular basis as well!

Will this help grow my business?

Definitely, provided:

(1) You have a product or service that clients and customers want, and it is priced appropriately
(2) You have availability of that product or service
(3) you have an excellent website which is ranked highly, so that customers can find it
(4) You have a website that is easy for customers to navigate and use

If you provide the first two criteria, Mobius MBL will do the rest

How should we decide what we want?

The key is to research, research, research. Look at other websites in similar industries to yours. Look at competitors sites. You will have many of your own ideas. Put them all together, discuss your requirements with us, throw around ideas. Come up with a working plan and perhaps prototype it.

We will do everything we can to assist......  including playing the Devils Advocate and perhaps disagreeing with some of your ideas!

Remember that if we do disagree, this is a professional and objective view, it is not simly disagreeing with you as an individual, nor is it suggesting that we are better than others. .....   there can be many reasons why something which may initially look appealing, actually should not be implemented.

In all cases though, you will have the final say, and no matter what we think, you will get what you want...  what you say goes.

Can I manage the website myself?

Of course you can. Its not too difficult, and with a little training, you will be able to manage all aspects of the web site. It is preferable to have some understanding of IT and database concepts, and in many cases, it may be better to have the site managed by a suitably qualified person, but nevertheless, you can do it yourself.

What about Search Engine rankings?

The websites we design all follow standard SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) principles, which will help ensure that your site ranks highly in various search engines. There are no guarantees that your site will achieve number 1 status on search engines, as the algorithms used by Google etc are very complicated. We can discuss the details of this though. Click here to read more about Search Engine Optimisation and Rankings. Note, this is a long article from Wikipedia

Where will my website physically reside?

There are many options here, ranging in cost from $0.00 to about $380.00 per year. Hosting on a USA server is lower cost than an Australian based server, but there are many variables in al of this.

We can discuss what best suits your circumstances, but as a general rule, most small businesses pay an Internet Service Provider to host their web site.

Again, there are many options available, and we can discuss this with you. In the meantime, you can discover more about Web Hosting by clicking this link. Note, this is a long article from Wikipedia

What happens if I manage my own website and something goes wrong, or I delete something by mistake?

This is the eternal question, and there are too many scenarios to simply answer this in this article. On go-live, all websites developed by MobiusMBL will have a backup process in place, where the site is periodically backed up. Essentially, if your 'housekeeping' (eg managing these regular backups), is disciplined, you should not have too many problems. The site may be down for a short time while recovery takes place, but you shouldn't be severely affected. If you or your staff manage the site, and are proficient and disciplined, you should be able to recover quickly and with little fuss.

Another option is that Mobius MBL take on the management of all backups for a small fee. We can discuss options in regard to this to ensure minimal disruption.