facebook find your id banner

Of course, it shouldn't be the case, but often, people find it difficult to find their Facebook numeric id when they need it.

There are lots of ways to find this....   here are a few.....

The easiest way:

Go to http://findmyfacebookid.com/ in any browser
Enter your profile name in the box and click on the "Lookup numeric id" button.
Done....   too easy!

Another method is:

  1. Login to your Facebook page.
  2. Click on your name (your profile page)
  3. In the URL, it will say:  "'www.facebook.com" followed by your name e.g. <https://www.facebook.com/USERNAME>
  4. If there is any other information AFTER your user name, then delete this.
  5. Replace the 'www' with the word 'graph' (without the quotes.)
  6. Hit the enter key and the first line will show your Facebook ID.

Other lines will display other information.